Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr. Somasundaram Sathappan
Selangor, Malaysia
keloid & scar treatment burns platelet rich plasma (PRP) reconstructive surgery head & neck tumor surgery neurotoxin filler chemical peel fat transfer facelift liposuction tummy tuck breast augmentation/lift/reduction rhinoplasty blepharoplasty

Contributed Articles

During our FB Live Session, viewers' questions were answered by our esteemed guest doctors, Dato’ Dr Ko Chung Beng, Leading Dermatologist AND Dr. Somasundaram Sathappan, Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Our first LIVE series was all about SCARS. Anything & everything you need to know about scars was discussed - what are scars, types of scars, treatments available whether invasive or non-invasive, etc.
I recently noticed a lump on my boyfriend’s back of no more than one centimetre in diameter. We decided that it was best to have the lump looked at by a professional. A dermatologist assured us that it was nothing more than a benign lipoma which doesn’t require removal until it’s large enough to warrant excision. How long will it take for lipomas to grow in size and when is the best time to have the lump removed?
I am a 28-year old mum who was born with downturned lips, heavy jowls and a speech impediment. Although I may not be able to change the impediment, I hear there may be treatments or procedures that can upturn my lips and significantly lift or reduce the heaviness of my jowls as well. I am now ready to go under the knife but am unsure of what treatments or surgery entail.
My 25-year-old daughter has been contemplating Botox and filler injections due to a few insignificant lines above her brow, and a thin upper lip. As her mother, I of course believe that injections are unnecessary, but at the same time, can’t stop her from making her own decisions. I would like to find out if my daughter will look stiff and doll-like after Botox and fillers, and if there are ways to reverse the results if she’s unhappy with the outcomes?


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Frequently Asked Questions

How are patients evaluated before treatments/procedures?
I always evaluate patients’ needs rather than their wants. After assessing current medical conditions, I investigate the personal needs to determine whether their desires can be achieved with minimal downtime and zero side effects. I only discuss fees last, as I don’t compromise treatments’ quality and safety for cheaper
What are your medical qualifications?
Professional Membership: •Member of Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons (MAPACS) •Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) •Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS)
How long have you been in aesthetic practice?
I have more than 25 years of experience in plastic & reconstructive surgery. To be more specific, I’ve been in private aesthetic practice since 2001. Before private practice, I were a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Malaysian National University Hospital (HUKM).
What are the most common concerns that patients/clients have?
Most patients are concerned with costs, side effects, complications, and periods of downtime. I overcome all these concerns by having a consultation session with the patient and explain in detail about the treatments/procedures. Based on this information, patients can have time to think and decide what they want to
What is your medical background?
Academic qualification: • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (University of Malaya, 1989) • Awarded with FRCS diploma by the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh, Scotland, 1994) • Master in Surgery (National University of Malaysia, 1996) • Plastic Surgery training at Welsh Centre of Burns, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
What’s your advice to new patients interested in aesthetic
Patients should have reasonable expectations and do some research on their desired treatments/procedures before consultations. Have a list of questions to ask the doctor after doctor has explained the treatment/procedure. Do not undergo procedures immediately. Instead, go home, think about it and then decide.
How do you uphold quality, consistency and safety?
I regularly attend professional workshops & meetings to keep my patients updated with latest trends in aesthetic & plastic surgery. I ensure that the patients’ data are well protected & strictly prohibit disclosure of personal data without their consent. Through this, I’m able to maintain a good doctor-patient relationship.
How do you price your treatments/procedures?
Prices commensurate with the quality of treatment provided. Minor surgeries are done cost effectively & safely in my clinic, while, major surgeries are done in SJMC (one of the leading medical centre in Malaysia).
What supplementary services/technologies do you offer in your practice?
I do offer services which other aesthetic clinics may not have. It’s Regenerative Cell Therapy. This treatment comprises extracts from stem cell cultures that evoke regenerative rejuvenation of face, breasts, hands and other body parts. We also offer fat transfer to the face, which provide the same regenerative
What are the treatments/procedures do you specialized in?
scar & keloid treatment, burns, neurotoxins, filler, lymphedema, platelet rich plasma (PRP), liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift & thread lift, facial cancer, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, breast lift/reduction/augmentation and otoplasty.