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Dr. Enrina: When a mother undergoes pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding results in physical changes especially to areas like the tummy and breasts. Should patients experience increased fat deposits in localised regions due to weight gain, simple liposuction may be able to treat such problems. Conversely, if patients undergo significant weight gain in addition to the delivery of large babies, tummy tucks may be recommended as the two straight muscles in front of the abdomen (rectus muscles) may become separated and cause protrusions of the internal organs. Along with coveted results due to the strengthening of core muscles, tummy-tucked mums can additionally regain flatter tummies through excess skin excisions as well.
Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine finds out how mothers get back to their old selves (or better) with a little help from their plastic surgeons. Part 2 - Liposuction (on 17 Jan 2021 - 11:00am) Part 3 - Tummy Tuck (on 19 Jan2021 - 11:00am)