Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine (CS&B) is a specialised publication and web portal focusing on all facets of aesthetic surgery, cosmetic treatment and anti-ageing medicine.

As the foremost source of all cosmetic surgery news, we cover everything from facelifts to breast implants, liposuction to tummy tucks, with feature articles on the latest procedures. This information comes straight from experts in the field, making CS&B the most accurate source for what consumers want and need to know about medical aesthetics today. CS&B also examines the non-surgical side of beauty, as clinical aesthetics currently lean towards minimally invasive, lunchtime trends with limited downtime.

We also share the latest tips on diet, health and exercise. While nips, tucks and jabs enhance faces and physiques, beauty from within plays a significant role in maintaining healthy and youthful bodies. With this in mind, CS&B also delivers the scoop on the latest trends in nutrition, fitness and weight loss.

Ultimately, CS&B is about being the best you can be in terms of looks and health. While we cover the newest beauty options available, we similarly take a look at what it means to be beautiful, healthy and empowered in today’s society – and how to achieve these ideals. Whether it means surgery, a lunch-hour fix, a new way to exercise, or avoiding dangerous treatments or procedures, we keep you educated and informed on all your possible options, and always with safety in mind.